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“Today, I feel gratitude. I completed my last session. I am feeling better than ever. I’ve been able to maintain an exercise program. Overall, I am eating and sleeping better, but most importantly I don’t feel like my anxiety is going to stop me from living a full life anymore.”

L – Film Production

“Initially, I had reservations about trying ketamine, especially outside a clinical setting. provided excellent preparation, ensuring a peaceful and safe experience. I wish I had discovered this sooner; it feels like I’m reclaiming my life.”

T – Real Estate

Online Ketamine Clinic provides at-home, sublingual ketamine treatment. In recent studies, ketamine treatment has been shown to be very effective in managing depression, anxiety, bipolar disease, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and many other mental health conditions.

After you’ve been qualified as a candidate, we’ll issue a prescription for ketamine and pair it with medically-guided, holistic psychedelic treatment. Led by our virtual ketamine treatment protocol, the process takes place in the comfort of your own home. Our clinic provides highly personalized medical care, integration support and ongoing guidance.

Online Ketamine Treatment

Our proven treatments have helped hundreds take control of their mental health.

Manage your mental health from the comfort of your home.

Get accessible relief with support from your virtual care team.

Enjoy affordable online ketamine treatment and financing options.

Personalized Ketamine Treatment from the Comfort of Home

After qualifying as a candidate, we’ll issue a prescription for ketamine and pair it with medically-guided, holistic psychedelic treatment. Our Online Clinic provides highly personalized medical care, integration support, and ongoing guidance:




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Care plans include medical consults and post-session integration. Message your team anytime with questions.




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Success with Ketamine Treatment

87% of our patients report improvements in depression and anxiety within 4 weeks. 

“Thank you so much.It’s been such a privilege to work with you Shalom. Your gift has changed my life.”

A – Business Consultant 

“In just a few sessions helped change my life”

N –  VP Content Production

“I’m feeling a little tired, but very proud that I faced my fear of hallucinogens and did this treatment. My anxiety has reduced tremendously. I now have the ability to work on better habits (yoga, meditation, eating well). I didn’t have the focus to do that prior to my treatment.”

J –  Health Worker

“I feel pretty good. My work schedule is back to being hectic, but I am managing the stress pretty well. I’ve traveled 2 weekends in a row. I feel tired, but I don’t feel overwhelmed. I am getting ready to do my 4th treatment. I am responding well to the treatment. My best session was the 2nd one w/Shalom. I feel like he was able to help me go deeper. I am hoping to get at least one more session with him, if my schedule allows.”

A, Mom and Producer

Online Ketamine Clinic has helped hundreds.

Start caring for your mental health with affordable ketamine treatment and without financial barriers. Our licensed practitioners offer virtual at-home ketamine assisted treatment for mental health conditions like:





Suicidal Thoughts

Ketamine Treatment Online

Your first steps with Online Ketamine Clinic:

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Take our 2-minute assessment

Answer a few confidential questions and we’ll check to see if you qualify.


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Book an appointment online

If you qualify for online ketamine treatment, we’ll book a medical consult with one of our licensed practitioners.

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Start your at-home treatment

We’ll create your personalized ketamine treatment plan, including medical care and integration treatment.

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Ongoing support and personalized care

Your virtual care team will track progress, provide check-ins and continued at-home ketamine treatments.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Online Ketamine Clinic

What's it like to experience ketamine treatment?

Everyone has their own unique relationship with ketamine and much of it depends on the intention set prior to the experience. Having the correct mindset and environement are just as important.

These experiences can range from mildly relaxing to feelings of deep meditation and/or blissful lucid dreaming.

With our Online Ketamine Clinic’s treatments, it’s possible to gain valuable insights, see vibrant imagery, and have very spiritual experiences. Each session typically lasts about 2 hours.

How does virtual ketamine treatment work?

After completing our initial assessment and answering several screening questions, you can enroll in one of our ketamine treatment plans.

Next, you’ll fill out a New Patient Registration Form and a Sitter Agreement Form. Once these forms are submitted, you’ll schedule your medical consultation.

Within 2-3 days of your consultation, we’ll issue an online prescription for ketamine rapid dissolving troches and ship your first treatment. Depending on your treatment plan, we will send additional shipments as needed.

You’ll also be asked to complete an Experience Tracker Form after each session, so you’ll have ongoing access to your medical care team in between treatments.

How is the ketamine dose determined?

With the help of our experienced medical team and your personalized data, we consider your weight, size, medical history, and current well-being to determine the most effective approach for you.

We also evaluate possible interactions with other prescription drugs and medical concerns to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the entire treatment process.

Our optimal dosage range spans from 2.0 to 7.0 mg/kg of body weight. We’ll recommend a starting point and guide you through the entire therapeutic journey. We understand that an in-home experience can provide immense comfort and eliminate the anxiety often associated with IVs and medical facility visits.

We’re here to support you every step of the way and create a transformative healing experience thought our ketamine treatment.

How many ketamine sessions do I need?

The effects of ketamine therapy are unique to every individual. In Our ketamine Treatment, some patients start with six ketamine sessions and don’t feel the need to continue with additional experiences.

Others opt for our maintenance program (6-18 experiences over three months) to continue their journey and solidify their improvement.

While clinical evidence suggests maintenance programs are the most effective for long-term success, ultimately, it is up to you and how you feel.

Can I take other medications while having these experiences?

Interactions with prescription medications and ketamine therapy are very rare. There is a short list of medications that will counteract ketamine (SSRI’s and Benzodiazepines are not on that list). Most of our clients continue to take their anti-depressants and/or anti-anxiety medications while going through our treatment.

How much does your ketamine treatmentcost?

We have several treatment options available. The most effective and clinically proven option is doing a series of 6 ketamine treatments over the course of 3 weeks.

Can I get ketamine prescribed online?

Ketamine is a controlled substance and is classified as a Schedule III drug in the United States. This means it’s illegal to possess or distribute ketamine without a prescription from a licensed healthcare provider.

However, it’s legal for a licensed healthcare provider to prescribe ketamine for off-label use, for a purpose other than what the drug is approved for by the FDA. The safety and efficacy of off-label use of ketamine have not been fully established by the FDA and it’s still considered an experimental treatment.

Which states offer ketamine treatment services?

Our ketamine treatment are available in California and we will be announcing other states and countries soon. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

Which pharmacies do you work with to provide ketamine lozenges online?

We work with 503 compounding pharmacies. Depending on your state, you can elect to use any pharmacy of your choice or order from our recommended delivery service for ketamine lozenges.

If you’d like to know the specific pharmacy that will be used to fill your prescription, ask your clinician during your medical consult or reach out to your care team.

What happens after I have the recommended six ketamine experiences?

After you go through your first six experiences, you can either stop your treatments or continue with our ketamine treatment returning program.

It’s up to you and how you feel.

After I order ketamine online, how often are the sessions?

We recommend that our patients have a ketamine session twice a week for 3 weeks.

What are the side effects of ketamine treatment?

Our ketamine treatment’s experiences are spaced safely apart and the treatment program lasts a few months, so the risks of long-term exposure are very uncommon. One rare long-term side effect in daily users of ketamine includes inflammation of the bladder.

Other side effects are short-lived and include a modest increase in heart rate and blood pressure, nausea, dizziness, altered state of consciousness, and impaired motor coordination.

All these symptoms should fade rapidly in a period of 2-4 hours after the ketamine session, because ketamine is rapidly cleared from the body. If you have a history of high blood pressure, our medical team will give you instructions to help you monitor your blood pressure at home so we can safely adjust your dose.

Ketamine administration can cause a variety of potential adverse neuropsychiatric reactions, including:

  1. Psychotomimetic effects: Ketamine can cause hallucinations, delusions, and other symptoms similar to those of psychosis.
  2. Dissociation: Ketamine can cause dissociation, which is a feeling of detachment from one’s self and surroundings.
  3. Cognitive impairment: Ketamine can cause cognitive impairment, such as difficulty with memory and attention.
  4. Agitation and anxiety: Ketamine can cause agitation, anxiety and restlessness.
  5. Post-anesthetic emergence delirium: Ketamine can cause post-anesthetic emergence delirium, which is a condition characterized by confusion, agitation, and hallucinations.
  6. Elevated blood pressure and heart rate: Ketamine can cause an increase in blood pressure and heart rate.
  7. Bladder and urinary tract dysfunction: Long-term use of ketamine can lead to bladder and urinary tract dysfunction.

It is important to note that these reactions may vary depending on the individual, the dose and duration of treatment, and other factors.

Does insurance cover at-home ketamine treatments?

Unfortunately, at this time, at-home ketamine therapy are not covered by insurance.

Can I stop taking my medication after ketamine treatment experiences?

If your goal is to stop taking medications, we can partner with your mental health provider to determine a plan that’s tailored to your needs. Do not stop taking prescription medications without talking to your doctor first.

After using online ketamine program, will I be able to go to work the next day?

Yes, it’s safe for you to go to work the following day. However, it’s not recommended to drive or work on high-priority projects for 48 hours after your treatment.

What is the difference between ketamine oral tablets and IV infusions?

Sublingual ketamine treatment has several advantages over IV infusions. It’s non-invasive and does not require the use of needles. This can make the treatment process much more comfortable.

Additionally, sublingual ketamine can be administered in the patient’s home, providing a more relaxed and comfortable setting compared to a clinical setting. The slower onset of sublingual ketamine also allows for a better treatment experience, as patients have more time to adjust to the effects. 

Do you offer the nasal spray, Spravato?

We do not currently offer Spravato.

Where is Online Ketamine Clinic?

We are an Online Ketamine Clinic. You can get ketamine prescribed online after our qualify process and get ketamine delivered to any place of California.